OBD-PKB Interface

This interface is for exploring data collected as part of the NIF Neurodegenerative Disease Ontology project.

Quick Start

The best starting point is to select organisms, to view the complete list of phenotype-bearing organisms in the database.

You can also select disease, to view the complete list of neurodegenerative diseases represented in this database.

Database Contents

This OBD instance contains neurodegenerative disease information curated from the literature. Organisms from a variety of species are associated with complex ontology-based phenotype descriptions. These organisms may be human (either "canonical" representations of humans with specific neurodegenerative diseases, or specific instances taken from the literature), or model organisms.

The PhenoSim algorithm is used to calculate semantic similarity between these complex phenotype descriptions. This allows us to match human diseases with animal models.

More information

More details can be found on the wiki.